5 Tips for selling Your Rehabbed Home Quickly

You bought your investment property and spent time and money flipping it. Now it is time to sell the property. Below are 5 important tips to ensure your new property is sold quickly for the best return.

1. Final Walk Through

Ensure that there are light bulbs in all of the fixtures and that all of the switches are working. Check for any leaking fixtures, faucets, and toilets. Make sure the dishwasher, garbage disposal, and garage doors are in working order. Run the HVAC and make sure the filters have been replaced. Also be sure that all of the doors and windows close properly.

Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes as you walk through the house and look for the little things that sometimes get overlooked. In addition to any repairs, have the house cleaned from top to bottom by a professional. Potential buyers like walking in to a clean, fresh smelling house. Make sure you have all of the windows cleaned, inside and out. Open up the blinds for showings and open houses and let plenty of natural light into the home.

2. Set the Stage

Home staging is one of the most crucial elements in selling a home. People want to feel comfortable when they walk in. They want to envision themselves and their families making memories there. There are staging companies who will come out and design the home according to the furnishings and the neighborhood surrounds. Furnishing the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms ties together all the design elements of the finishes throughout. Staging makes the home look livable and finished, and most importantly, move-in ready.

3. Create the Curb Appeal

I have learned that spending a little bit extra on the yard can also make a huge difference. The interiors of the houses looked great on the inside, but the outside was left looking dull and un-finished. No matter how great the exterior condition of the home is, if the yard looks unfinished the whole property looks unfinished. Meet with a landscaper and design a plan for the yard. Look to the other properties in the neighborhood for general ideas. If there is an HOA who monitors the home, you will need to follow special guidelines. Once the outside of the home is finished, the house is ready for listing.

4. Price to Sell

The home must be priced to sell. Do this by checking comps in the neighborhood and make sure what is being asked is realistic. If the properties are being bought at the right price, then rehabbing the home should fit in this budget. You can afford to do a thorough job rehabbing and still sell for plenty of profit. The quicker the property is sold, the faster you are able to move on to the next deal.

5. Marketing the Property

Now that the home is finished and listed on the market, it is time to start showing off the property. Use social media to get the word out fast and effectively. Share the posting on facebook, tweet out the address on twitter, and post pictures with home details on a blog. Be sure to schedule plenty of open houses and blast about showings of the home. With the right amount of attention, the home will be sold quickly and you will be on your way to purchasing your next Fix and Flip property!



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