A Better Way to Borrow

People looking to buy or sell their home in 2016 may be in a hurry to  close before interest rates rise again. with plenty of homes on the market in need of fixing up and eager buyers hoping to close fast, This puts investors looking to flip in a good position. But you can only profit on these deals if you can find the funds to purchase them. Nearly every other aspect of investing can change with each deal, but once you find a private lender to get funding fast, you’ll eliminate one of the largest unknowns in any real estate investment.

The Cash Advantage

Real estate investors have always had limited choices for funding due to strict requirements at conventional lending institutions. Due to these strict requirements, these investors have sought after hard money loans from private money lenders who have little restrictions and speedy turn around times. Investors with cash in the bank, or access to these private money lenders, have a distinct advantage to close deals quickly. In fact, fast access to cash puts investors at a distinct advantage against prospective homeowners if they are competing for the same property.

Private Lending

More and more investors are turning to smaller, independent lenders to secure financing. These lenders offer the speed successful investors need, by preparing proof of funds letters and pre-approvals in as little as 24 hours. These lenders often use common sense underwriting which eliminates any delay in getting funds. Hard money loans do not require credit reports, appraisals, or proof of income to be qualified. This is the main reason funds can be obtained in days rather then weeks.

Hanson Capital uses a straightforward closing process that gives investors access to funds faster. We work with real estate investors to provide funds quickly and without the hassle of providing stacks of paperwork and processing headaches. This combination of speed and certainty of closing is not available through other lenders, and can help you land the best properties before anyone else can touch them, helping make 2016 your most profitable year yet!

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