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Hanson Capital – Hard Money Lenders Located In Phoenix

Hanson Capital is an alternative lender specializing in collateral based, hard-money transactions within the real estate market. Headquartered out of the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona and established in 2008 by it’s founder Chris Hanson, Hanson Capital is responsible for over $200M in transactions since our opening. Within the community and across many states, Hanson Capital is quickly becoming a leader for fast and convenient alternative lending practices.

Private Money Lenders

Hanson Capital  possesses a wide network of lending options across the country, regularly participating in out of-state-transactions, and is always willing to consider opportunities outside of Arizona. If you believe you have a lending opportunity that meets Hanson Capital’s criteria and would like us to review, please submit your deal regardless of location and we’re confident we can lend assistance in finding the money you need in a timely manner.

Residential hard money loans


  • Apartment Buildings
  • Buy and Hold
  • Portfolio
  • Multi- Family
  • Rehab/ Fix and Flip
  • Cross Collateralization
  • Construction Lending
  • Non Prime Owner Occupied
  • Rehab / Fix-n-Flip
  • Cash Out Refinance
  • Rate and Term Refinance
  • Business Purpose




If you are a commercial loan officer or broker, you’ll find Hanson Capital to be an excellent direct hard money funding source. We recognize the value of research and services you perform for your clients and strive to offer you and your clients the highest level of customer service.

For our preferred brokers, we offer regular emails detailing recent closings, to illustrate the type of loans that will work best with Hanson Capital. When submitting completed loan requests, you will receive fast answers (usually same day) as to whether your client is a good match for Hanson Capital.

Once you have submitted your client’s complete loan package, Hanson Capital can offer ready-to-fund times of 1 week or less. We move fast, treat both you and your client with respect, and help you close more business.

Welcome to Hanson Capital – we look forward to working with you!



If you are looking for a hard money loan, Hanson Capital is ready to help. We understand that your expertise lies in your core business, not necessarily in hard money lending.

By contacting Hanson Capital directly, you gain the advantage of speaking directly with the funding source. You can explain your specific request, business, or situation as no one else can.

Hanson Capital’s approach to working with borrowers is simple: we offer you excellent customer service, support you in completing your loan application, and provide you with fast, reliable answers about your loan.

With regular, clear communication, we can fund your loan quickly. The process is quick and easy. Get started today and funded tomorrow.


Hanson Capital is a collateral based lender, so credit isn’t as important to us as the property itself.  Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible, from the initial screening to approval.


Hanson Capital invests for a variety of reasons, from helping clients get cash for a new project, debt consolidation, or even bridge money when rehabbing a commercial property. Hanson Capital understands and embraces the fact that to be competitive in today’s real estate environment you must be able and willing to write cash offers. With Hanson Capital as your partner, you can rest assured you’ll always have the cash you need, when you need it.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to funding by requiring the least amount of paperwork in the valley, eliminating customers constantly having to jump through hoops to receive a timely approval and closing. You never have to come into the office if you don’t want to—everything can be handled from the comfort of your home or office. We can assist with any of your needs, whether it’s long term money on a rental portfolio or rehab purchase money for trustee sale, or even transactional money just for the day.