Build a Diversified Loan Portfolio by Investing with Hanson Capital

Investing in loans secured by commercial real estate is a great addition to a diverse investment strategy. Once you are approved up with Hanson Capital as a qualified investor, you can expect to make 7-12% return on your investment. You will have access to loans available on our platform with opportunities to invest as little as $20,000 per deal. Our team of seasoned real estate experts handle all the underwriting and operational aspects of each loan. and will be your direct resource readily available to answer any questions and handle requests during the life of your loan.
You will enjoy monthly interest payments for the term of the investment, as well as online access to our investor portal to review your entire loan portfolio updated in real time. As an investor with Hanson Capital, you will receive our world class customer service and professionalism with every deal. Contact us today to review our on-boarding investor package and begin investing in private hard money loans with Hanson Capital.

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Our Commitments


We hold ourselves accountable to our investors with the realization that they rely on our availability and expertise to safeguard their assets.


We insure our investors receive only the best opportunities, always placing their interests first in all transactions.

Open Communication

Our online Investor Portal is available 24/7 to ensure efficent reporting and immediate access to portfolio details for our investors.

Maximum Return

Our investors enjoy double-digit yields on investments, with returns ranging from 7-12% on each opportunity.

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The Process

1. Experience

Hanson Capital is a licensed mortgage bank with extensive experience in private money lending and the real estate industry. Since 2008, Hanson Capital has funded over $300 million dollars in real estate transactions with proven success and repeat customers.

2. The Right Opportunities

It is important to know how much equity the borrower has to increase the safety of your investment. By using the market value along with the most recent market sales comparables, we ensure that each deal will have equity should the property need to be resold. Hazard insurance, paid before closing, along with full title insurance will also provide the investor security in the loan.

3. The Right People

Hard money loans are typically made to borrowers with less credit and income documentation. The higher interest rate relative to conventional residential loans recognizes this. Even so, we do obtain information on the borrower’s ability to pay back the loan by looking at past real estate experience or business plans so you can make a more informed decision.

4. Insurance & Protection

All of our loans require licensed escrow companies that will handle the documents and funds between buyers and sellers, borrowers and lenders. They are required to be a fiduciary for all parties. As an additional layer of safety, we instruct our investors to send their loan wires to the title company, which in turn will pay the seller, previous lender being paid off or the borrower, as specified. Title companies have a much higher threshold of regulation by the Insurance Department and errors and omissions and liability insurance requirements.

5. Documentation

You will be presented with disclosure and servicing documents that you will complete and sign before your investment. Your investment will be evidenced by the Promissory Notes, Deed of Trust and other Riders as one of the beneficiaries (in the case of multiple lender loans) of the loan.

6. Loan Servicing

Our knowledgeable loan servicing team will be responsible for collecting borrower payments and transmitting monthly payments to the investor. The servicing team will be the main point of contact when it comes to updating real estate portfolio, tax questions, or quarterly income statements. Your personal lender portal will provide access to real time information and documents 24/7 should you need anything after hours.

7. Recovering your investment if the borrower fails to pay. As the lender on a loan, there is a risk of the loss of principal and unpaid interest payments should the loan go into foreclosure. Our loan servicing team is experienced in managing the past due collections, default process, and ultimately foreclosure of the property should you choose to use them. While there is an out of pocket expense with the foreclosure process, the expense is potentially recoverable from the resale of the property.

Investment Types

Hanson Capital offers a wide range of loan programs to suit our client’s needs. Here are a few of the asset types and programs we regularly invest in:
  • Purchase
  • Cash Out Refinance
  • Rate and Term Refinance
  • Renovation & Construction Loans
  • Cross Collateralization
  • Business Purpose
  • Single Family Residential
  • Multi-Family
  • Retail/Mixed-Use
  • Self Storage
  • Office
  • Industrial

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