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Welcome to Hanson Equity Partners

Hanson Capital Group is a team of commercial real estate experts with a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry, offering a unique approach to investing in commercial real estate. We specialize in net lease and multifamily development and repositions, and offer a wide range of finance options from hard money and bridge loans to conventional agency debt through our capital markets team. This diversified investment approach allows us to be agile in dealing with evolving market conditions and enlarges our scope of opportunity while maximizing returns against minimized risk. We focus on opportunities that meet the minimum return standards of our conservative underwriting, while offering the high probability to substantially exceed those returns.

Today more than ever, it is crucial to diversify investments across a wide range of investment vehicles. Commercial real estate, specifically our approach to investing in commercial real estate as a non-market correlated investment vehicle is an ideal alternative to a traditional investment portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Realizing higher than average returns coupled with the ability to invest in a tangible asset, Hanson Capital Group offers an attractive opportunity for investors to amplify their current portfolio.

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    Why invest with Hanson Equity Partners?

    Learn why investors all over the world are choosing Hanson Equity Partners to manage their most important investments.

    • Stability

      Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.

    • Cash Flow

      Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provdies profit to the owners.

    • Amortization

      Tenants pay down the debt which increases your equity, creating long-term wealth.

    • Tax Benefits

      Depreciation is an income tax deduction which helps you keep more profits in your pocket.

    • Leverage

      You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $100M with only $25M.

    • Appreciation

      Real estate investments appreciate in value, which will create long term wealth for you.

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    How It Works

    Learn more about our investment process

    • We Buy

      We search for the best deals and then negotiate the purchase, financing, and ultimately close the deals.

    • You Invest

      Accredited investors become partners in the actual real estate. Not a REIT or stock.

    • We Collect

      Our portfolio of properties generates monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.

    • You Earn

      We pay out cash distributions monthly to you, the investor.

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