We developed the HansonEP Score in order to help our investors easily compare important aspects of each of our deals. When analyzing each asset we take into account all of the qualities below and weigh them together in order determine whether or not we want to pursue an opportunity.

The HansonEP Score allows investors to visually analyze each aspect of an asset quickly, while also giving them a quick overview of our opinion on the opportunity. If you would like to receive more information on the specifics of why we ranked each quality of an asset the way we did, Contact Us Now to learn more


Demonstrates qualities of the target market including population growth, job growth, demographics, employers, etc. Also the specific location of the property within the sub market including traffic count, vicinity to anchor tenants, amenities etc.

1 = Poor location

10 = Excellent location


The age of the asset and whether or not the age has brought on deferred maintenance, or the asset is becoming obsolete.

1 = Obsolete

10 = New construction


What are the timeframes and complexity of the construction, as well as the cost of the construction. Deals that do not involve a construction component will be rated with an N/A.

1 = High cost and high complexity

10 = Limited cost and limited to no complexity


Ease of developing the end product including local municipality cooperation, zoning/entitlement process, tenanting, etc. Deals that do not involve development will be rated with an N/A.

1 = Extremely difficult to develop

10 = Easy to develop


How difficult it will be to obtain financing and what are the terms of the financing. If it is not financeable at acquisition, at what point will we be able to obtain financing in the future. This also accounts for the amount of leverage obtainable compared to other asset classes (e.g. multifamily assets will have higher loan to value ratios than NNN assets).

1 = Not financeable

10 = Easy to finance with generous terms and high loan to value ratio

Additional Capital Requirement

Likelihood there will be additional capital required to keep the deal moving forward in the future beyond the initial investment. If the deal will require additional capital, how much, and how frequently will additional capital be required. Deals that will not require additional cash infusions will be rated with an N/A (not applicable).

1 = Regular, large additional capital requirements

10 = No expected additional capital requirements

Tenant Profile

Qualities of our prospective tenant(s) including creditworthiness, history, stability, perceived risk, and more. Also incorporates whether the tenant risk will be spread out between multiple tenants, or this will be a single tenant asset.

1 = Poor tenant(s)

10 = Excellent tenant(s)

Cash Flow

Assessment of cash flow over the expected duration of the project.

1 = Limited/no cash flow

10 = Extremely high cash flow, and early onset


Potential future appreciation of the asset.

1 = Limited or minimal expected appreciation potential

10 = Extremely high expected appreciation potential

Value Add

How difficult will it be to execute the value add component, and what rate of return will it provide. Deals that do not involve a value add component will be rated with an N/A.

1 = Difficult value add with low return

10 = Easy value add with high return

HansonEP ScoreTM

This is Hanson Equity Partners’ score of the deal based on our proprietary deal rating system. This rating is based on our analysis of the overall quality of the deal.

1 = Worst deal

100 = Best deal

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