What is Industrial Real Estate?

Industrial real estate is an umbrella term for manufacturing, production, research and development, storage and distribution facilities. While industrial real estate is sometimes overshadowed by more glamorous sectors like multifamily and retail, industrial real estate shouldn’t be overlooked, as it is a resilient, income-generating asset class. Well-located, quality industrial real estate keeps the world’s supply chains working, enables trade and e-commerce, and ensures the efficient movement of goods from makers to markets. Vast options, versatility, and ever-increasing demand are some of the reasons that make acquiring industrial real estate attractive. In addition, with industrial real estate investment you get regular cash flow coupled with strong returns.


We acquire single tenant and multi tenant industrial properties in strong locations with irreplaceable qualities. We evaluate opportunities for the ability to force appreciation through increasing rents, converting a NN lease to a NNN lease, extending the lease term, replacing the tenant with a higher grade tenant, or with a tenant who is willing to pay an increased rental rate. As is always the case, we evaluate the opportunity’s relative upside against risk to ensure that our investors receive risk adjusted returns that meet our investment criteria.

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