Hanson Capital

We are a vertically integrated lending platform that provides everything from hard money/bridge financing to conventional agency debt through our capital markets team. We provide efficient and sensible solutions for borrowers and an ideal opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio with strong and stable returns through direct lending in both residential and commercial assets.

Hard Money/Bridge Lending

Hanson Capital Group assists investors diversify their portfolio through investing in loans backed by real estate. Once an investor is qualified, the investor can expect to earn a 7-12% annualized return on the investment. Each investor has access to loans available on our platform with opportunities to invest as little as $50,000 per deal. Our team of experienced real estate experts handle all the underwriting and operational aspects of each loan and will be the investor’s direct resource to answer any questions they may have. We own and operate multiple businesses that facilitate and process our loans. We are also a state licensed bank acting as the loan servicing agent during the life of the loan. In addition, we have an experienced in house management company that manages any property in the rare event of default. Our investors enjoy immediate cash flow in the form of monthly interest payments for the term of the investment, typically only have to commit the investment for 6 to 12 months, and maintain online access to our investor portal to review their entire loan portfolio updated in real time. Investors with Hanson Capital Group receive world class customer service and professionalism with every deal.

Capital Markets

Hanson Capital Group provides an easy and convenient solution for our hard money borrowers who are looking to move from their temporary debt (i.e. bridge debt) into more permanent debt. Our capital markets team leverages our network of banking relationships to quickly and responsibly transition the borrower from their temporary bridge debt into long term debt with more favorable terms. The capital markets team at Hanson Capital Group collaborates with the borrower, bank, and third party vendors to simplify the otherwise complex process of obtaining debt.

We also provide the same world class service for borrowers who need commercial or agency debt for traditional commercial real estate purchases or refinances. Our capital markets team’s highest priority is ensuring we close on time, every time, while providing a seamless borrower experience for any commercial real estate investor.

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