Hanson Capital Group’s Remodel Projects Go Green

We are excited to unveil our new green remodel signs that will be onsite at all of our remodel projects. Although we are aware that our new green signs aren’t quite the colors you may be accustom to seeing on HCG products, we chose to go green with the signs to reflect our go green attitude on remodeling. All of HCG’s remodel projects strive for energy efficiency and water saving features, from insulation to appliances.  A less obvious green feature to our approach is the remodeling itself! The salvaging and renovating of existing homes and bringing them back to life, rather than tear downs and new builds.  Look for our new green remodel signs, coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Need more detailed information about real estate investing and hard money? Check out our blog and new video series Lending University by clicking here. OurLending University series is intended to be informative and interesting to both potential and current investors and borrowers. We hope this series helps answers some of the questions surrounding private lending and clarifies some of the misconceptions.

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