HCG: A Private Lender in Phoenix Joins APLA

As a private loan company in Phoenix, Hanson Capital Group takes pride in being part of the local community of Arizona. Unlike corporate lenders, we know our clients by name, we know their story and we know their financial dreams. They are more to us than just facts and figures and names on a piece of paper. We happily call them our partners, our business associates, our neighbors.


Hanson Capital Group knows that in order for a community to prosper, neighbors must help neighbors. One way that HCG helps the overall community is by providing funding for real estate projects in Arizona, thus expanding the economic opportunities available to the city’s residents.

In an effort to enhance our private lending services for real estate projects, HCG has recently joined the Arizona Private Lender Association, an organization comprised of private loan companies in Phoenix and all throughout the state of Arizona, all of whom are licensed Arizona mortgage lenders committed to “bringing private capital to Arizona for real estate projects.” By becoming a member of this organization, Hanson Capital Group hopes to stay better connected with other industry leaders and Arizona’s business community at large.


With our private loans, Phoenix residents can be confident they’re being served by like-minded individuals who have the community’s interests at heart.   For more information about our borrowing services, please visit our website or give us a call today. (480) 685-4923

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