More than Just a Hard Money Lender


Here at Hanson Capital Group, a private lender in Phoenix, AZ, we’re not afraid to admit that hard money lending isn’t for everyone….just like traditional lending isn’t for everyone, either. But without hard money loans or traditional loans, what’s left?

The answer?… More than you think.

Typically, if you choose to bypass traditional lending, the only other source of funding would be a hard money loan. However, Hanson Capital Group is making an effort to bridge that gap. We work with a wide variety of lenders so that our customers always get the type of loan that is best for their unique financial circumstances.


This means that we offer more than just hard money loans. We also offer soft money loans and long term rental loans for borrowers who wish to purchase and/or renovate a rental property.

We’re able to provide so many different types of loans because we manage more than one fund, which gives us options, thereby giving our borrowers options as well. We not only lend our own money, we work with private equity groups around the nation – all with the single goal of obtaining the best price for our borrowers.

Essentially, we’re filling the void that exists between traditional lending and hard money lending. While our specialty lies in hard money loans, we’re more than just a hard money lender. We’re an “all money” lender. Hard, soft or anywhere in between, we’ll get you the money you need, whether from us or one of our partners.

Consider us the superman of the financial world. We may not fight crime, but we do save our borrowers….money, that is.

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