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Rising rental rates cause Millennials to purchase

Rising rents cause millennials to purchase Millennials purchasing homes in the Phoenix metro area has greatly increased the last few months but not because they are looking to purchase. Catherine Reagor for The Republic on reports that due to rising rents in the area, purchasing has become the obvious choice as mortgage payments are less

California Providing Great Opportunities for Fix and Flips

Real estate investors are making money on buying worn down properties and fixing them up, the trend known as fix and flip. However, some states offer better opportunities for investors than others. One of the best states to do this is in California. Once you learn why California has great opportunities for fix and flips,

Guest Blog: Florida real estate is still red hot

Latest Market Data: Florida real estate, Orlando and Miami continue to rise in Q1 In a press release from Feltrim Group posted on openPR, the report notes that prices of single family homes in Florida rose 11.8%year-over-year in the first quarter of 2016 according to the latest data from Florida Realtors. According to Florida realtors, the

Guest Blog: 5 things to know about Scottsdale Real Estate

In this article published on, Parker Leavitt discusses five key items regarding scottsdale’s current real estate market. The first item highlighted is the static luxury market for 2015. So far this year, 2016 has seen a spike in median home prices in the north Scottsdale zip codes. South Scottsdale, according to Monica Monson of

Hard Money: Back to the Basics

Hard Money Lending Basics for Real Estate Investors Hard money lenders offer quick and easy funding to those who are looking to purchase a property quickly or refinancing a current investment property. With varying loan programs and flexible loan terms ranging from 6 months to 30 years, hard money lenders can work with you to

Guest Blog: These Cities Have the Highest Rents in the Country

Great news for real estate investors looking for long term rental properties! In an article published on CNN Money by Kathryn Vasel, the cities with the highest rental rates are above the nationwide average of $1,300/month. Topping off the list at the number one position, San Francisco has the highest rental rates at $4,780 for

Offering Owner Occupied Stated Income Loans

Looking for an owner occupied stated income loan in Arizona, California, or Florida? In mortgage lending, the term “owner-occupied” means a residence primarily used by its buyer. A primary residence is the house that you call “home,” meaning it’s the dwelling in which you actually live. Most mortgage lenders also differentiate between mortgage loans for

Guest Blog: 5 Cities to Invest in Now!

San Antonio, TX and Tampa, FL make the list of five cities to invest in real estate! In an article posted on The Alternative Daily called “5 Cities Where You Should Invest in Real Estate NOW,” details the cities that although hit hard by the foreclosure crisis in 2010, are bouncing back better then ever.

Hanson Capital heads to Miami Florida!

Hanson Capital now lending in Florida! Check out the new office located in the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Miami. Located in the heart of the business district, the Wells Fargo Center is Hanson Capital’s new home in Florida! Contact us today to find out how we can make real estate investing easier for you!

Commercial Hard Money Lenders for your Next Investment!

Commercial hard money lenders provide funding for real estate investors like you! Commercial hard money lenders are private lenders who provide money to real estate investors and other individuals for their real estate needs.  Investors looking to purchase or refinance commercial real estate with fast approvals and quick funding can look to commercial hard money lenders