When Other Banks Say No, We Say Yes

Here at Hanson Capital Group we take our motto very seriously.

    “When other banks say no, we say yes.”

    That’s the rewarding side of being a hard money lender in Phoenix. We get the opportunity to          help people who wouldn’t otherwise be in a position to obtain a loan by traditional means whether     it be because of a less than ideal credit score or time constraints.

 We know how long the bank process can take and that they can be harsh when it comes to loan  approval criteria. That’s where hard money lending comes in.

 As a company we love being able to make a real estate investor’s dreams come true through our  fast and easy loan application and approval process. We approve loans in as short as a few hours  and funding only takes a couple of days.

Our soft money lending program benefits investors because we get to set our own lending standards. You can prove to us why you deserve the loan and speak for yourself, rather than letting your credit score speak for you.

From quick fix-and-flip properties to owners who want to have a long-term rental property for investment purposes, we do our best to make those goals a reality.

If you have questions about hard money loans we can provide you with all the answers. Call us at (480) 685-4923 to find out more information about our services.

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